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Ramen Yokocho Festival (TMAS7)

Tell Me a Story 7: Ramen Yokocho Festival

The new generation of food fans are arguably the most patient and persevering than any other. They perhaps rival the starving post World War II Japanese, the hungry North Koreans and the Mao-era Chinese. The food mavens of today will be able to brag that they waited in multiple hour long lines to pay top dollar for small portions of fad food. They kill their dish in minutes while standing and eating out of styrofoam. The truth is they could say that the food was actually mediocr...Read more

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Smithsonian Banners – I Want to the Wide American Earth (TMAS 6)

Tell Me a Story 6 – Smithsonian Banners – I Want the the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story

Years ago, I sat in a room with professors and writers at a small Asian American Smithsonian office in Washington DC. Our job was to work on a series of banners that would describe the Asian American experience. The banners would then possibly travel to exhibitions, schools and maybe more.

It was two full days of discussing possible topics and detailed ...Read more

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LA Weekly – kozyndan and GR

Here’s that article by Liz Ohanesian that made it to the LA Weekly. Liz Ohanesian said she wasn’t sure if it would make it, but thankfully, it did. Congrats to kozyndan. (LA Weekly – kozyndan)

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kozyndan Art Opening #tmas5

kozyndan Art Opening Reflections - Tell Me a Story 5

After more than 10 years of art exhibitions which translates to over 250 exhibitions if I include our SF and NY locations, there’s no need to be nervous. Yet less than 24 hours before the kozyndan exhibition opening, the uneasiness began. Waking up, my first thought was about the exhibition. I went into GR2 early to clean up and set up for the day. Everything was fine after a couple of hours. At 12, my thoughts were about the 6:30pm opening. At 2pm, same...Read more

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kozyndan from 2001 to now (TMAS 4)

Tell Me A Story 4: kozyndan from 2001 to now

The first day kozyndan walked into Giant Robot, they were students at Cal State Fullerton. This was perhaps in 2001, soon after the store opened. The couple led by the more talkative Dan, showed me a portfolio of drawings including a panoramic rendition of their apartment. We probably discussed their process since I doubt I knew what else to talk about, but their talent was undeniable. The drawing style wasn’t perfect contours, it had some artistic license. The color choi...Read more

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Woman Wakes Up With Chinese Person’s Accent

There have been 150 recorded cases of a person speaking with a “foreign” accent after some kind of stress or trauma. This woman got hers after suffering from a migraine. Chinese Americans, does this actually resemble a Chinese person’s accent?

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TMAS 3: Return to Disneyland

Tell Me a Story 3: Return to Disneyland 

I haven’t stepped foot into Disneyland in nearly two decades. It’s been so long that California Adventures, Downtown Disney and a couple of giant parking structures didn’t exist. I wasn’t a tiny kid, but I’ve pretty much forgotten about it. If you were with me, I’d like to as...Read more

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TMAS: The Truck (La Isla Bonita)

Tell me a Story: The Truck (La Isla Bonita) 

La Isla Bonita is a taco truck parked on Rose, usually mid-block between 5th and 6th in Venice. I’ve feasted on their seafood since 1989 when taco trucks were a necessity and before they got trendy. Tony, the proprietor quickly befriended me offering a fist pound...Read more

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Tell Me a Story: Dad Sick, Mom to the Rescue

My father has been sick for two weeks and refuses to see a doctor. After spending another day sick in bed, my mother summoned me to convince him to see a doctor and stating the obvious, “he’s so stubborn.” At 80 and the survivor of cancer, twice, my father’s body doesn’t repair well and a common cold illici...Read more

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Stargazing: Perseid Meteor Shower

The best meteor shower visible to us is undoubtedly the Perseids. Once you remove yourself out of the rays of the city lights, the stars suddenly appear. Pulling up into the edge of the Angeles National Forest at about 3000 feet elevation, there are others laying on their car hoods, some on yoga mats on the pavement. From over one hundred yards away, you can hear a “whoa” from a lone person who thinks he’s out of earshot as a meteor streaks by. The photograph below is the best shot of the night. It’s wasn’t the brightest met...Read more

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