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GR2: Katsuya Terada Working in Studio

I’ve been asked numerous times for preview images, yet the work isn’t complete. That said, for those of you who have written, I’ll be collecting your names and keeping you in the loop. We’ll also be releasing a Katsuya Terada T shirt which should be going online today. The work looks great by the way. There’s drawings, paintings and some illustration pages from the past.

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Cafe Mode: Homing Pigeon Exhibition

This exhibition is taking place quite soon and as much as I’d like to be there, I won’t make it. Once upon a time, I studied photography. It’s a longer more involved story, but I was decent and even participation in student exhibitions and even an alumni one. It’s nice to have a chance to show a piece of my work again. The exhibition begins tomorrow and there will be a reception on the 19th at ROPPONGI 605.

My photo below is called Milky and it was shot during the Perseid meteor shower earlier this year. I used a R...Read more

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Left Field Project Interview: Eric Nakamura

It’s always an honor to be interviewed by old faces from great places. Thanks Duane Fernandez. The intro paragraphs are much too complimentary. I hope you read it anyway. Here is an excerpt:

“My first interaction with the Giant Robot brand was over 14 years ago in Tucson, Arizona, in the magazine section of a Border’s bookstore. There it was, just sitting there waiting to deconstruct every preconceived notion I had of what a magazine should be. That moment would impact my life forever; I’d ...Read more

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Giant Robot Goods: 10.8.13 – Sale: Save 20% Online!

giant robot



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Giant Robot at Kokoro Craft Affair

We don’t “table” often at events except Comic Con. Yet the annual Kokoro Craft Affair at JANM is a perfect combination of community, fundraising and family. It’s run by the volunteers and it’s estimated that a 1000 people came through. Vendors spotted the lobby and hall, MC’s made raffle announcements and Lomo Arigato truck ...Read more

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GR Podcast: Ako Castuera on Her GR2 Exhibition Magic Bodies

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House Foods BCD Soon Tofu Package

House Foods BCD Soon Tofu. This isn’t exactly instant although it’s packaged like a ramen package. It’s not boil and serve freeze dried ramen except with tofu. This is a refrigerated package that contains a small box of tofu and a package of sauce that you mix with boiling water. This is official BCD branded Soon Tofu that you can make at home in minutes. For those of you who want to know, BCD is a chain of Soon Tofu shops in LA’s Koreatown and in Korea.

There’s no additional packages of dried mushrooms, meats, or co...Read more

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Driving Ms Watanabe – (TMAS9)

Tell Me a Story 9 – Driving Ms Watanabe

Yesterday, I drove a 71 year old Japanese woman around West LA. She was lost.

After finishing dinner at Don Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant, the waiter asked if we spoke Japanese. A woman needed help. She spoke politely and explained that she went for a walk but couldn’t find her way back. She had no money, no phone, no number and no address. She seemed to be in good spirits despite walking for about 40 minutes.

She remembered that the apartment was ac...Read more

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Universal Monsters Uglydoll Are in

Ice-Bat (as Dracula), Tray (as the Bride), Wedge-head (as the Frankenstein Monster), Big Toe (as the Creature), Ox (as the Wolfman), and Babo (as the Mummy)

Just got them in at the GR Store

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I Watch Fights – (TMAS8)

Tell Me a Story 8 – I Watch Fights

At the Smithsonian Asian-Latino convening a couple of months ago, a question was asked: “name one of your vices.” In an effort to ice-break the room, people talked about their love of chocolate, pork belly and Netflix show, Orange is the New Black. My turn came, and I let it out: I like to watch street fight videos.

It’s the connecting haymakers recorded on shaky cellphones. Bodies go limp in strange ways before a final kick to the head, which is then followed by bra...Read more

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