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Dirty Hands David Choe Documentary

Got my hands on the David Choe documentary, Dirty Hands, and yes, it's worth the five year wait. Five years?! At least. That's how much footage, and editing time that's gone into this work. I think there's been a producer or two, and from the earlier trailers until now, this has a very different feel. It went from what seemed like an MTV pro...Read more

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What do I know about kikstyo? They're a crew of sneaker heads, who do a lot more than that, since they're running the collab thing well. For a recent project they worked with Aki Hoshino, a bikini model, who's nickname is "Angel of Japan" which is a vast improvement of Angel of Harlem, who I believe is Billie Holiday. The book is collection of imagery of a fine...Read more

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Heroes and Villains photos of artists

Saw this on slamxhype. I remember when they were just starting this series of photos. Roman Cho and Tatiana Wills. Look at them pics. I don't know the first fella, but the second, is that Bigfoot? Then there's kozyndan in a fun setting, Baseman in a familiar position showing off that sketchbook, Saelee Oh in a photo that I don't know...Read more

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Russell Peters + Mr Choe

Hung out with Russell Peters and David Choe. They're definitely brothers from different mothers. Meanwhile, the magazine issue 53 is at a later stage. David fresh back from his home away from home, and Mr Peters about to strike the big awards show in him homeland, Canada. It was Asian jokes of all sorts for a while especially because we ate curry.

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Clippers tickets

Clippers tickets who wants them. 3 seats good location, sec 111, which puts you down low. Parking in lot 8. It's all that you need. 3 tickets. If you want them, you have to pick them up.

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Remember the marine I blogged a bunch and who was on the news and wanted for murder? See how we all forgot about him, and he's still on the loose somewhere maybe in Mexico, maybe not? Everyone figured he was going to get caught, but that MacGyver in him has probably given him a few extra months. That said, here's the old Read more

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Patagonia Santa Monica store art show

Art show at Patagonia? Sure why not. Shops are doing it these days, and that doesn't exclude a shop as large as Patagonia. How would it work? The art is by Kitty Botke, Jeremy Collins, Chris DelMoro, Peter McBride, Nikki McClure, Geoff McFetridge, Jason Munn, Jason Stowell. Patagonia has the power to actually make this work, even without a real a...Read more

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RIP Dith Pran

Dith Pran is the dude the movie The Killing Fields was based on, and I'm not talking about Pol Pot. He was played by Haing Ngor who won an Oscar for Best Supporting role, and the movie chronicles him getting out of Cambodia when Pol Pot went ape shit and started his killing spree. I remember as a kid, how freaked out I was seeing that film, and I remember the Oscar...Read more

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Got Ganked. Mystery meet ID help?

Today I was eating chicken tacos and our order from Tacos LaFlama had a box of three extra tacos in it. Martin told Brian who's helping in the office that it's tripe! Brian walked in and said, guess what? We got bonus free Tri-tip tacos. I was thinking awesome, Tri-tip... Then on closer inspection, this was entirely something else. I ate one, and now...Read more

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I guess we're guilty of the X thing by neck-deep.com. We don't get press often for our products even though we've made a ton, and keep working on projects. But here's one and it's funny. My friend Kohei is the man behind Mountain Mountain, and I am proud that the shirt came out alright. That's Serina in the photo on left giving the salute.

Take a look ...Read more

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