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Golden Triangle Burmese in Whittier

Burmese food. The next frontier. Know any Burmese people? I'm sure you can't say you do. Recently watching Rambo 4, and seeing Stallone decimate an entire pack of Burmese soldiers in crude horrific form, made my hungry. What sounds like a messed up country if you do any reading, especially with the victor of an election, Read more

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My Sunday, from softball to ordering.

This is what the softball picnic throw the ball around and meet each other day looked like. My cousin Mike and Eugenia came later on. The field was taken, but we only had three people, so it became a sit and watch people play tennis, talk about the final four, and eat... That's Bill (he looks like he ate something sour) and Big J. We had pizza, super...Read more

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Remember Vincent Chin

Today, I was filmed for a documentary on Vincent Chin. You might be thinking, (if you know about Vincent Chin) that there already was a documentary years ago by the duo of Renee Tajima Pena and Christine Choy called, Who Killed Vincent Chin?It's a strange title come to think of it, since you do know who killed him literally, but figuratively, who killed him? Wa...Read more

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the talk at UCLA link in case you thought it was fake.

Here's a link to that talk at UCLA...

Wow, a career in Asia!? We'll do our best.

Careers in Asia talk with Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, Co-editors of Giant Robot. Sponsored by the Asia Institute.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

UCLA Faculty Center, Hacienda Room

Los Angeles, CA 90095


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Top Ten List pt 2

Top Ten that's not in GR. The first one will be in GR 53 which is at the print shop. What will I be doing? Will I be able to cross any of these off? Maybe so, maybe not.

  1. Top secret video projects. One long term and one short term. Can either be done? I'll tell you more about it.

  2. Multiple print projects, both large and small. Not art p...Read more

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Damien Hirst $ Warhol $ Levi's

At Fred Segal in Santa Monica is the debuting of the Damien Hirst $ Warhol $ Levi's collab gear. I wouldn't normally jump at seeing this, but I get a different perspective riding with Dr Romanelli, since he's involved in apparel, sometimes hardcore designer style and sometimes artistic. See that box on the left, when you buy some denim, it comes ...Read more

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Subverses next week Here's the flyer

Hope the others are okay that there's a robot in the flyer. We've been on panels in the past, and sometimes, GR becomes the bad guy, for a bunch of reasons like this flyer which may be leaning our way. But sharing is caring, right? The robot is all about shared love. A bit hard to read, since it's a little small. Maybe we'll unlock ...Read more

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Rain like the sound of trains

The new king of pop? I interviewed Rain this morning. It's always tough with interpreters, especially ones in Korean. Why is that? I think we've had issues with translators in Korean since day one. Either way, Rain seems like a good guy, on a good track, and we'll see in which direction he's going rather quickly.

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Mark your Calendars - GR talks.

We're doing more talks.

First I'm on a panel discussion at UCLA. THURSDAY April 10, 2008 Moore Hall, Room 100 7-9:30 for SubVerses at UCLA.

Second, there's one where Martin and I will be in Chicago on WEDNESDAY April 23, 2008 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (MC 203).<...Read more

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Dolphins killed

In the Japan Times, one of the gnarliest articles got published on sunday. Imagine, the killing of 2500 dolphins captured on film and put into a documentary. It's going to happen. Or, better yet, it's happening. A crew literally hid cameras in fake rocks, placed underwater mics, and hid for hours at a time in camo gear to film the killing of dolphins to the point ...Read more

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