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Japan Film Festival

The Imaginasian Center in downtown is on Main next to the Smell. An unassuming building, which was once the Linda Lea theater, it's now a great place to see films. It looks small actually from the outside, but inside you do get a nice theater that's clean except for the floors, which are sticky. The Japan Film Festi...Read more

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Panayiotis Terzis and Ray Sohn

This came in the mail. Amazing work. The print above has a bunch of colors, it's designed with a lot of care, has that indie comic book, and a silkscreen style that feels like the Ft Thunder Paper Rad style. I'm not sure if it's all by a collective or not, but I do know the efforts of many are in the publications below. Critical Citadel is in a larg...Read more

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Subverses panel discussion

Does that look sparse? Maybe. But as it went, more came in, and it didn't feel like as many seats were empty. It's a wide angle lens illusion. The talk itself was a lot more thoughtful that thought provoking at least to me than most panel discussions I am on. At this point in my life, being on a panel is about giving something to the people who attending to...Read more

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giant robot SF RETAIL store manager position

Yes, I'm curious any of you in SF? I know there's a ton. We're trying to find our new manager for our SF store. It's a serious job, it's not easy, it's not lazy, it's not fun and games. It's for real. If you have interest, please email me back with a letter and resume to:

eric nakamura


I'll probably be in SF early next week to do interviews.

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Is summer here? Paletas have come

One of the tell tale signs that it's getting warmer and summer is on it's way is that the Paleta man appears. It's annual and I think today was the first day that he came back on the job. These dudes operate a business that patrols through neighborhoods in sort of an ice cream man role. I'm sure they get hassled, but hearing those bells on th...Read more

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I'm not exactly sure how this all happened, but I guess sometimes, things happen. I get an email from some folks, and they seem really nice, and I met up with them. It has nothing to do with 7-Under or Kiks, but it's all from friends of friends of friends, or maybe it's friends and acquaintances. But the world works in odd ways, we all know that, and some how...Read more

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News bits.

Daily Bruin on the Subverses talk that's happening tonite. The flyer for the event is down a couple of posts. The article that came out today, gives an overview of the event. I didn't know who Daniel Lee is, and, I guess I know just a little bit now. The talk will feature us panelists, and someone will probably moderate us a bunch of questions. It's actually a long list ...Read more

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Giant Robot mags on ebay

It's not a big deal to see Giant Robot on eBay, but this one caught my eye. Read what the dude wrote! "I love Giant Robot... Basically, I want to find them a home." Whoever you are, and whatever's making you rid your possessions, hope it all works out well. When or if you want to come back and work on that next stack, we'll be here.

Read more

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Giant Robot three talks UCLA this thursday April 10, U of Illinois Chicago April 23, UCLA again April 30 - all different

CLICK on any of the flyers or articles TO MAKE LARGER!

April 10, thursday Eric Nakamura on a panel discussion about Asian and Asian American popular culture at UCLA. UCLA Asian American Studies Graduate Student Association presents "Asian American...Read more

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in the mail - Junkyard Sam

Junkyard Sam comments on my blog once in a while, and today a package came in the mail that caught my eye. It could have been a special book, toy, cigars, money, or a stink bomb. It's so simple to have a box made of wood. Is this handmade? It's a nice package for sure, and things like this come in once in a while. First, here's Junkyard Sam's Read more

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