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We were wondering why does it look like the tree is bearing less fruit? Wondering and wondering. Then a neighbor gives us the heads up. Our gardener is stealing our avocados. He walked out on I with boxes (plural). On Tuesday, I wasn't in, Martin was out, and no one was around when Mr Nishi decided to rack avocados. Evidently he told our neighbor that...Read more

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on the front

It's an honor being featured on the front page of alivenotdead.com. It's amazing that what started as a band website has turned into a great online destination for both Asians, Asian Americans, and fans of the arts. I'm finding that people from many coasts can bind together and share ideas in one place and I'm thankful for the new fans and friends I have thus far. Just look at my friends list. There's a few old and a few new, and more more upcoming. 

Back to me:

I started Giant Robot in 1994 in my bedroom as a...Read more

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SF story

Matt Revelli is the main man behind Upper Playground. He hates photos, and I managed to get one. Went up to bay yesterday and took care of the interviews, but afterwards, ate a meal with Matt. I can't tell you about how inspiring this dude is. But you have imagine, he's made the nearly impossible work many times, and his business acumen is on point. It's hard to tell you...Read more

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GR53 in SF

Guess where I am. Yes I'm in SF, but it's not fun and games or anything like that, I'm interviewing 9 people for the coveted position as GR manager. Francois is stepping down and going to school, and to probably work on his own publishing ventures, and that's him with the new GR which is available today just in the stores. James Jarvis art is on the cover and it po...Read more

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The Yard, My Playground

Digging through some old photos, I found this little sequence in a set. It's the trainyard in West LA about 2 blocks from where I grew up. It's still sort of there, but not, since trains no longer run on these tracks. It's behind the corner of Pico and Sepulveda. This was a playground for me when I was in later elementary and junior high school. This photo ...Read more

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Button collection - 1" pins

Button collection. I guess I have a lot. Like a t-shirt a lot of them tell a story of some sort. Where they came from, bands, clothing brands, events, and so on. I can't say I've kept every button I ever received, but I do have most of them. Some are affixed to a backpack or hoody, so they're not here. There are nice books about buttons as well. It...Read more

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Sculpey Sunday

The Sculpey Kids are back. Working with Mr Salazar who's seated below, we were up to making critters, creatures, gangs, noses, snakes, dogs, mushrooms, and even faux fingers. It's been hot in LA, and getting to Souther's studio with the AC on was relaxing. It's odd how Sculpey body parts are so strange. It's also odd that Sculpey is spelled "Sculey&qu...Read more

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New Order

Strange to see this video and a Giant Robot 36 with Ryan McGinness's art on the cover displayed for a while in this record shop. I wonder if they still carry it, and I hope it's a real shop and not a set. This video is made in Paris in 2005, although the song is from 1982. It's a fun video, and a cool song. I'll guess it's made by fans, and they put a ...Read more

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Kobe Bryant jumps over Aston Martin

Kobe can leap high over a car, but can he do it like this guy? It's not an Aston Martin, but it's a pretty fast one too. Yes, Asians have leaps and this is the best response video so far. See the first one, if you haven't already, then see the second one. In the second one, the friend steals the show at the end. It's funny.

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Doggie Blues (don't look at this one if you're eating)

After a lot of prodding, I feel like I've been forced to put up this post. But first, the Vietnamese food above was so amazing. That's bun, and the shrimp, meat, and eggroll. So good. It's a huge serving of food. I didn't think I can eat all of this, but as I kept putting a little onto my plate, it slowly disappea...Read more

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