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Asian Heritage Month MAY! Cutting room floor

It's Asian Heritage Month! What that means, is that you give all Asian Americans deals, discounts, pounds, and props. No, actually, it just means, it's a time when there's many events and celebrations.

They interviewed me for this, and they got hold of Martin as well. Strange quote from Marti...Read more

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Yukinori Dehara site badges

I think the main point is that his show is going to be on at what looks like an odd hour, and I wish I could see it, but the badges that you can put on your blog which are basically ads, are cool. I'll have these on my blog for a little while. If you roll over them, they do neat things. But still, I can't watch the show. Bummer. B...Read more

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Who's the Jerk Now?

Yes, it's me. I still haven't been able to talk to the gardener who stole my avocados. He comes for just a pinch of time on tuesday, a day when I'm often out running around. I don't have his phone number, he just comes and bills me. Easy deal. This time, he left a letter. Imagine a man, probably near 70, maybe mid 60s, penning a...Read more

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UCLA Talk Asia Institute

Asia Institute got us in to speak today. It started off with a Thai to go lunch and a bunch of questions from the many students who are part of the Asia Pacific Arts and Asia Media web publications out of UCLA. Many have titles, some are interns, but they asked a bunch of questions relating to magazine making. I was challenging myself to remember a whole room of peop...Read more

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10 reasons why David Horvath is Babo

It's been said, that David Horvath looks like his characters. What do you think about Babo?   1) The eyes 2) The teeth 3) The hand gesture4) The fact that he draws the Uglydolls. As pictured Babo draws Uglydolls 5) David is a lefty, notice where the chopsticks are. Babo is a righty. Hmm. That's not helping my theory, is it? Sun-min is probably a r...Read more

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Avocado thief makes it to the times blog

I wonder what people really think about this. Is it just stupid? Either way, a theft is a theft. Glad the Times are playing attention to this fairly trivial matter. Read their entry in the LA Now blog. It's not too much, but I'm amazed that they care. Maybe it's a Southern California thing. The weather is nice, we actually can grow produc...Read more

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Hook-ups Destroying America video with Ming Tran and Jeremy Klein

I forgot to add this one into the last post. So here it is. I couldn't find the video. It's from a Hook-ups a few years ago, called Destroying America. I think you were able to pick it up at Best Buy and it also featured Tony Hawk and many others including pro skater, Jeremy Klein and at the time, martial artist and s...Read more

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last bits chicago and ny

Walking around downtown Chicago, I couldn't help but notice this theater. I'm not offended or anything like that, if anything, I'm a bit nostalgic since I know this was created in an era when Oriental was a word, when Oriental could have been a rug, and if you look at the top of the sign, it looks like a genie's hat or a Taj Mahal. Ford makes it way a...Read more

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Yvonne Lau, a professor at DePaul University invited me to appear on her show, ConversAsian that shows in Illinois. Before you mess with it's name, know that it's been around for years. It's fairly free form, it's Yvonne and a subject sitting across from each other in a simple room. It's what you've seen on cable access, but this one focuses on Asian Amer...Read more

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Hot Doug'a hot dogs Part 2

Hot Doug Part 2 - it doesn't stop. The food in Chicago is pretty good. I've written about Hot Doug's before, which is perhaps the best dog place around. It's open only during the day, and it's right by the folks at Midway who makes the Chow Yun Fat video game. Eat dog seems be well crafted. The above two are the veggi...Read more

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Publisher and President Giant Robot Magazine and Stores. Will put foot in your ass if needed. I like bunnies, toys, curry, and art.

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