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JAL and Tokyo and Dehara

Japan Airlines is a pretty good airline. Seafood curry works, and they even give you the fukujinzuke (red pickles) to eat with it. Seems like one that you shouldn't blow, and they didn't. The green salad is pedestrian, that was probably made in LA. The salmon was great as was the fish cake, and the burdock root. The dessert was fluffy and not too sweet. All thi...Read more

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Flavor Flav Under One Roof

Flavor Flav. I can't believe I used to be a fan of this guy in 1988. Public Enemy was the best group around. It was hiphop with a message, and you couldn't not listen to them. They were fighting the man with music, and creating an effort to bring up people's education and consciousness of unjust issues around the world. The music threw down energy, b...Read more

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Jacob Magraw art on Chuck Palahniuk Book Rant.

I'm at LAX looking at books for a second, then I see this one. It's Jacob Magraw art on the cover. I thought about buying it, but I'm already holding two. The name of the author makes me think he must be from that Nordic area of the Reindeer people. Congrats Jacob for the book, and his new baby along with Rachell Sumpter, Mica Ruth Mickelson. Next stop...Read more

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The Judge of short films speaks

Short films judging for the VC film fest. It's due tomorrow, I've watched it all twice, again doing my duty to take this serious since in the end, it just helps. It's a tough one though. Imagine judging a doc against a narrative against a music video against an animation. How do you do it? It's sort of like picking your ...Read more

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Kissing Cousins and Planet B Boy

Amazing sight at the DGA this evening. Tons of people packed the lobby and it felt like it was opening night one more time, but this time Sunday at 6:30pm, when then became 7pm and then maybe 7:20 by the time the film began. Kissing Cousins a film by Amyn Kaderali was the special feature film that's put in the middle. They call it ...Read more

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Takashi Murakami Davy Jones' Tear Blum and Poe May 3 - June 14th.

Takashi Murakami's show Davy Jones' Tear opening took place at Blum and Poe. I'm sure everyone wants to know how much everything is. I never bothered to find out, but they weren't free or cheap. They probably hit the 7 figures+ and I heard they were all sold. From one of his past ass...Read more

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Judging shorts

I'm judging shorts this year at the VC film festival. I've been outspoken about how I dislike short films, so I seem like a terrible candidate, but in the end, it's not true. It's not that I dislike shorts, it's more about disliking bad shorts. I've seen my share of short programs that have 8 bad ones and 1 good one. I've al...Read more

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Takashi Murakami New Paintings at Blum and Poe May 3 - June 14th.

It's going to happen. Takashi Murakami is doing another show. This time in the confines of a gallery. A funny and cool follow up to his huge MOCA and Brooklyn Museum show, which are retrospectives. The great thing about having this show for Murakami, is the fact that inst...Read more

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Asian Pacific Film Festival LA Ping Pong Playa by Jessica Yu

Visual Communications presents the Asian Pacific Film Festival. It's on! Full house at the DGA with Ping Pong Playa as the opening night film. That's an auspicious title. What is Ping Pong Playa about? Imagine a pro Yellow Asian American who's as outspoken as Mars Blackmon and Charles Barkley. An...Read more

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United Kranes

The logo and design is excellent and I'd say perfectly describes the shoe as being for indoor sports like badminton. A crane sounds like the perfect analogy to use to describe a person soaring high to swat the birdy. The Fred Perry and Cannes style leaves always work to make something look important. I'm not sure if I'm an indoor sports playe...Read more

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