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art in china 798

Yes, art in China rocks. I'm not even talking about the Mao looking work that's all influenced by the Cultural Revolution, but I'm talking about just talent that's showing at the 798 which is an art area. It's easy to say, that art in China is hot, but it's also hot in Japan as well, and I'm sure it's hot in other spots, but walking around, I s...Read more

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Richard Mille

Want to know what a watch worth more than a house can look like? Richard Mille watches are high end, so high end, they often don't have any in their shops. They might have more employees sitting around than watches. This one's titanium with a lot of bling added. Tons of diamonds and a solid feel. It's actually quite thick and it's all hand made. Different version...Read more

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Nike building at the 798

What can't Nike do? Now they're in art areas. I had to shoot a bit of video to show you their gallery building or whatever you want to call it. It's pretty amazing. Imagine, the Olympics are sponsored by Adidas, but Nike sure has a large foot in the door. Upon talking to Colin at W+K, I guess they're sponsoring tons of athletes, so you'll see them wearing the gear, but on the podium, you won't see them with the gear. I figured their strategy was to do the cool stuff around the Olympics and be just as influenti...Read more

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Geisai Museum 2

One of the best parts about Geisai is running into some of the folks who are older friends, and some who are new. Some are well known, and some unknown. People come out to Geisai. who are as great and influential as KAWS and Masamichi Katayama. Read more

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Thanks for the well wishes from many of you. I'm in China, but the Earthquake is quite far away. I was in a plane, and the devastation looks terrible especially since it happened in a poorer province. The news here in China shows no information except weird graphics and two heads on TV. We also felt multiple quakes in Tokyo. 6.8 was the largest that was 100 miles off shore....Read more

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For relaxing times, eat Sushi at Totoyamichi

Sushi in Japan is notoriously expensive. So the cut that cost you hit a conveyor belt spot. Totoyamichi is a smaller chain around Tokyo that I'd suggest. The pink plates are about $1 for two pieces. The green is $2.50. And the selection is enormous. You can just sit and order and not even touch the stuff that's revolving. It's not the gr...Read more

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Ai Yamaguchi and Madsaki

Shingo and Ai's little dude Rei is a picky eater and didn't make it out. So this is the best I got. We ate at an izakaya place called Gomaya, which translates to something like sesame seed shop. You guessed it, that's the theme, sesame. Michelle may be vegan, but somehow she's getting through this trip unscathed, yet, it seems like it's all about v...Read more

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Soba and Nine Courses

Soba Made by Hand. It sort of rhymes with Castles Made of Sand, a song by Jimmy Hendrix. This is the one I like best. Duck in the hot dipping sauce "tsuyu"... the soba was amazing. It's great when you can taste the freshness, and the green onion which are those huge chunks, were actually quite sweet. Ate this at a spot in Saitama. It's pointless to even...Read more

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Seonna Hong Viscery Loves Company Kaikaikiki gallery

I made it to Tokyo in time to see Seonna Hong's art show at Kaikaikiki gallery called, Viscery Loves Company. Her paintings were large sized, much larger than anything I've seen from her before. I actually saw these pieces in the works at her studio, but seeing them up on a nice large wall was amazing. She's able to mix h...Read more

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mediarights.org short list

This came out today at mediarights.org. It's a life of documentaries that I suggest. I probably have seen 3 or 4 more that should be in it. I think the idea is this list should be a starting point of discussion. Maybe some of you disagree with some of these are being good ones, but it's what inspires me. Check out the list, and maybe comment and add other o...Read more

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