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Hundreds Bobby posted a mammoth compared to my measly photo of him and his camera. I rock his clothes and such, but he published a book on GR in minutes I'm sure. That's why he carries that camera, his pics come out clean and good. He even watermarks his photos, which is a nice touch since everyone just takes each other's photos and puts them on their blogs. Check it ou...Read more

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Bowling for mail

Being gone for a bit means mail piles up. Mail is usually good, and tons of cool things come through. Books, zines, comics, cd's, art, gifts, snacks, PR, payments, and more. One of the boxes was heavy and larger. At first, even though the sides said it was bowling related, I didn't believe it. I figured it was catalogs or books or something. But it really was a bowling ball. This one i...Read more

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Inclined band, reunited

This is a band I was friends with through the end of high school and some of early college. I'm not sure if getting back together is a great thing, since sometimes, the memories are better, but this band was together from 1984 or earlier to 1996, which is a long reign for sure, and I guess why not play a few more gigs. Reunion shows are in, right? Miles Tackett is also known as The...Read more

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Bobby Hundreds

One of the Mr Hundreds stopped in for lunch at gr/eats. He still has that super wide lens that looks fit for skaters and has no fear of the large camera format. It's great to catch up with kids like him. His shop in SF is cruising along. If you haven't seen it, it looks nuts inside. I feel like I'm in an Iron Maiden album. That's pretty tough to accomplish in a retail s...Read more

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Brillante Mendoza

Brillante Mendoza is in GR53. I met him at the SFIAAFF. He's a great guy, totally nice and I made the screening of one of his films that I wanted to see even though I really had no time. I saw him a moment before the screening, he gave me a pound and went up and intro'd his film and said something like, he was happy that some of his new friends made it to the show. His latest film S...Read more

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Wieden Kennedy Shanghai

This is part of the W+K office in Shanghai. I did a talk there to a lot of the staff who sat around the grassy interior middle. I like it when offices make an open space. It either means, they planned it that way, or they have too much space. Most offices are crammed! People sat, listened, drank beer, asked questions, and it was all translated. I enjoyed listening...Read more

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Ken Tanaka on Jade Cracked Seed

Ken Tanaka emailed me and said he saw the Jade Foods article in Giant Robot and then went to Hawaii and checked it out for himself. So check out the video and enjoy. If you have a bag of seed, you should bust it open and enjoy. Either way, glad to see GR is being used wisely for it's editorial prowess. Ken Tanaka is one of the funnier persons on YouTube,...Read more

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The Fans

Hanging out with the Wu, causes firestorms of fans. It's great when they're so obvious. They'll follow him into a shop and pretend to be looking around, they'll snap photos in the most obvious way, they'll go nuts full knowing that it's annoying, yet, they're the true fans who'll be there day or night. The mid sentence thing is the best. I guess it h...Read more

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XinJiang Uighur restaurant

Eating food from the Xinjiang region is interesting. It's far in middle north, it's Muslim, and the folks there look part everything all in one. Turkish, Chinese, you name it, they're mixed. The food is tasty. It's lamb time. On skewers, you can actually just pick some up on the street in front of the restaurant. It's done well, and it's tasty...Read more

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Issimo Restaurant Shanghai

The restaurant within JIA hotel in Shanghai where I'm staying features a restaurant that's highly recommended. It's called Issimo. It's Italian, which is odd choice of food, considering, I'm far from home in Asia, but this place doesn't disappoint. First off, it was filled, and you're supposed to reserve ahead of time. Being a last secon...Read more

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