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Morning jfk

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Illustrate Now!

GR helps people do things that will probably make them broke. I'm not sure if this is a good thing to do, but getting excited because you read one of our magazines? Cool. Unlike a lot of mags out there, we're low key. We don't do the most popular thing, and we highlight a lot of things which are unpopular. But overall, we're telling a story of a group of people who are trying to do things that are usually against the grain. Read this person's blog on positivecapitalism.com. I guess you can say, we helped him/her see someth...Read more

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Talking at Toyota

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James Jean

James Jean's pad is pretty cool especially when there's koi in a pond. What do you think of ponds? Are they relaxing, or are they a waste of time. I remember back in the day, ponds were more popular and these days there are less and less. The "too much trouble" line comes up a lot. If you don't know James Jean's work, then you should look him up, o...Read more

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Korea Society Talk This Wed May 28, 2008

I'll be in NYC for a day or so to talk to whoever shows up on this panel discussion. It's about stuff I like, Toys!The Korea Society

950 Third Avenue @ 57th Street, Eighth Floor

Please join us for a lively talk on Korean toys and their fascinating origins in the interplay between Korean, Japanese and American ...Read more

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Yosemite Studios

Yosemite Studios feature Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Carlos, Souther, Seonna, and Martha Rich. That's Souther and Seonna who is striking the pose. Below, she is quite surprised! I should have taken more photos, but I did shoot some video which is at the bottom. That alone has to be worth something. Souther's doing magic, rubber arms revisited, pen tricks, Kid N Pl...Read more

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Deharavath video, yeah it's late sorry

Deharavath happened when I was out of town, but I did catch the install and talk to the artists, David Horvath of Uglydoll and Yukinori Dehara of Cakees! I shot this through my camera, and it ended up ok. I should have shot a lot more to make it more rounded, but in the end, I should be using a video camera, and doing it right. Maybe I can get some...Read more

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Fascinated by Japan article

Articles happen all the time on GR, and we're thankful for all of them, but this one was one which didn't seem to be working right even after the interview. Facts weren't right, and when I pointed one wrong thing out, I didn't hear anything back about anything else. The title already is way off base. "Fascinated by Japan -- If it's big in ...Read more

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Gruyere Cheese Fart Smell

Friday, I ate at Sawtelle Kitchen. First time in years since their remodel. Sawtelle Kitchen is the restaurant that I would go to once in a while, since it's across the street from GR1. The issue I have is that the owner closed up and evicted my aunt's shop Get Wicked. The owner is known as a jerk, but I don't really know him. Maybe he's swel...Read more

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Rant about the news of the quake

The Quake in China. I remember when it happened, I was on a plane going to Beijing, I landed, got in front of a TV, there was a bit of news that it was a 7.8, but now days later, people still being found alive, the death toll is up to 55,000 with a another 20,000+ not found, and hundreds of thousands injured. The question is how the heck were so many new age...Read more

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