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Very Clever Dinner

I'm not sure which is the best sentence to start with: 1) "The Donger need food" - yes, we were hungry, or 2) "I could hear your tongue." Hearing a tongue? I kid you not, the dude can hear tongues. I've tried to visit on a weekend, and it was too packed to get in. Wakasan on Westwood Blvd is a good spot that people don't get to often. It fea...Read more

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MONGOL Free Screening Tomorrow = just a screening for the fans

Sorry no Tadanobu Asano, sorry for any confusion, but he wasn't coming, and is probably in Japan, drinking delicious tea and rice crackers. I bet he practices nunchakus and collects robots, but that's a question for a later time. He's a nice guy though, that I know. So come and see the film. It's a great chance to check it ...Read more

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dried leathers

Does this look good? It's dried fruit I made myself with my food dehydrator. The fruit at the bottom are old pears, apple, and mango. There's more, this is just a little of it. The leathers. Those are cool eh? It's mixed berries and mango. I had some old fruit in the fridge and decided it was time to break out the dehydrator and get something out of it all...Read more

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Cooking sunday

Ever look leeks? I know it's not good to over cook them since if it's like an onion, it'll get gooey and bad, although it will sweeten up for sure. I figure a little bit of a light crunch would be ok once the bite of onion flavor cooks away. So the idea is to get them just right. I added some salt, some pepper, cooking sake, garlic, olive oil, and tiny drops of soy s...Read more

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FREE Screening of MONGOL with Tadanobu Asano - June 4th in LA.

GIANT ROBOT invites you & a guest to a Special Screening of the new PICTUREHOUSE release

Directed by Sergei Bordov and written by Sergei Bordov with Arif Aliyev

Starring Tadanobu Asano

Award-winning Russian filmmaker Sergei Bodrov (PRISONER OF THE MOUNTAINS) illuminates the life and legend of Genghis Khan...Read more

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Tom Sach's Sanrio

Tom Sachs put a bunch of Sanrio characters at the Lever House in NYC. I can't tell you much about Sachs, but this was an interesting installation that presents the importance and "size" of Hello Kitty. I especially like his patchwork treatment of the characters and the fact that they're tearing water into a fountain is hilarious. I didn't know thi...Read more

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The talk

Look at this drawing by Jeaux Janovsky. Amazing. Bye bye David Choe, king of sketch artists... this dude is pretty good. I'm sure he did some coloring at home, right? Either way, impressive. I don't remember being drawn much or if at all except when it was needed for something.

Here's a photo from Mr Jimmy! who's blog is at Read more

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Choe in NYC

Mr Choe and well, that's also a Mr Choe in the background. In NYC now, I met up with "Davidu" (say in Korean accent), at TEHUITZINGO! A great spot to get tacos! You have to walk in and get to the back which has a counter where you can order, eat tacos, shoot the shit with whoever's there, and then leave. The tacos I'd have to say are amazing. Lengua tacos and...Read more

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My Bodyguard

My Bodyguard was a film that's from the 80s, while, it's been pretty much forgotten, today in NYC, I few personal mysteries were solved. The pond depicted in the film, where was that? Today my friend Claudine told me that the pond in Central Park is the one from the film, and she was sure of it. I argued that I thought it was larger, and there was more to it. I didn't...Read more

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Korea Society NYC

Here's what we looked like right after. That's me and Joshua who's from CollectionDX. The talk was interesting. It started off with an introduction about toys. The Korea Society had an exhibition of toys from the 70s and 80s and such. First off, who would show robots in an established environment? This is stuff for nerd / geeks. Joshua, showed a powerpoint of to...Read more

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