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Eye drops and late mail.

First photo, my friend Julia got me these from Japan. Powerful minty eye drops. I've written about them before, and was disappointed at the weakness of one of my choices. These are supposed to be powerful. The one on the left looks strong, but in the end, it's medium. Much better than the eye drops I'm currently using which are too weak. Zi has high marks...Read more

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Saelee Oh cooking dinner

Artist Saelee Oh offered to come over and cook on my 1950s O'keefe and Merritt. I wondered if it was out of guilt because she was super late on some editorial writing for Giant Robot. She says it's neighborly. Either way, I was hungry, and she cooks well. I hope the guilt comes over her more. I'll eat well that way. She even did dishes! 

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Name this Root!

The photo isn't the best, but what root is this? Anyone know what it's called in Chinese? It's used in tea, it's medicinal, but I have no idea what it's called. 

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Tristan Proper shoe store

Tristan from Proper and his new specs. He's a nice guy and runs a nice shop in Long Beach. I've purchased a few pairs of shoes here. I enjoy his style in working hard, not being a bruiser type, and running a nice shop. He keeps prices fair and in the long run, it's a good thing. Visit his site that has a pretty skyline of LBC. Read more

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Donutman is #1.

The Donut man. You saw the pic from the blog yesterday maybe. But if you didn't think is what he looks like. Jim Nakano. He's a great man. Really. A true American success story, and he even took his wife and friend to see Mongol at the GR screening, but furthermore, drove out from Glendora. He's a food person, and loves to go far just to eat a good meal. I&...Read more

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Mongol Screening at Pacific design center

"Hello Angels." That's what I thought when these three rolled up. But I didn't hear the "Hi Eric" response. Janet Yang, no relation to Margaret Yang from Rushmore, Kelly Hu, no relation to the late King Hu (look him up if you don't know who he is), and Lisa Ling. They showed up to see the Picturehouse / Giant Robot - M...Read more

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spencer hansen Blamo

One of the nicer guys around, is Spencer Hansen. He's from Idaho, lives in Oakland, and does a fashion line and makes these toys. I'm not sure if toys are the right word for it. But they're super nice, exclusive, and hand crafted. His items are sort of the line between art, craft, and designer vinyl figures.  Read more

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gr/eats Seafood marinara penne

I try and check out tons of places to eat, but then sometimes, in your own backyard, you can get exactly what you want. The seafood marinara penne. It's not on the menu, and I don't know when they serve it, (I hear it's special) but I also heard it rocks. And yes, it does. Quite great. The marinara is on the sweeter side which I like. I know it'...Read more

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Obama time in LA

It was as if the Ultimate Fighting Challenge was on. Maybe Monday Night Football. People gathered at a Japanese restaurant called Hokusai down Wilshire near La Cienega. Then lo and behold, Obama's speed and the fact that he's "won" the Democratic nomination to run for President. He made a passionate speech which led to claps and cheers. That's Cate Bl...Read more

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