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Skyward - Day 1 - 2008 April 18

I need to both consolidate some villains and make a new one. I'm throwing around a lot of people right now in this 'family', but the head of it needs to be the brain-villain. Matt can be more ruthless that way.

I reiterate: writing is hard. I'm not 100% confident in what I've written, and if I show it to a good writer, I know it's going to get trashed somehow. But if I don't work with most of what I have, I'll have to rewrite it, and I'll never make this damn movie. That's been m...Read more

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Skyward - Day 0 - 2008 April 17

This is my first blog since conceiving Skyward.

Why I can't seem to take a passion and turn it into a working scrīpt, I don't know. Maybe it's because I impose some pretty severe limitations on myself:

  • It has to have fight scenes

  • It has to have a final fight scene

  • It's not a movie 'about' martial arts

That doesn't SEEM so bad, but your basic story structure involving a villain would probably surmise that the villain has the ...Read more

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