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Family Day!

It is good to spend more time with family during weekend! Here are some of the photo to share with all my friends and supporters! Yesterday I had a hand at frying omelette for my family. I think it turns out pretty well? Haha. Who want to eat?

Last Saturday, went out with my family for a simple dinner and we are red and prosperous! Haha. Happy to be able to accompany my parents during my off-day. I also hope that my friends and supporters can spend time with their family too! I also took some times on both days to do some house visiting to the families under Project Awareness (A-計劃) and brought them some ration. Of course I never forget to get some of the big families Sakura Chicken, as I know that many of the children love to eat chicken, so I must let them eat more healthy with the right choice!  Good to see many families welcome me with a great smile when I reach their house, especially a pair of old couple that I met recently during filming at Chinatown. If you want to know more about them, check out Project Awareness facebook page. Click HERE. It really brighten my day when I see so many smiling and happy faces around! I'm glad that my status as a singer can actually bring so many happiness to the people that I met, especially all the beneficiaries under Project Awareness. Talking about filming, recently I did quite a number of videos for my YouTube Channel. This is for my supporters at Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries as well. I really hope you guys like it. In one of my YouTube videos, if you want to know more about Singapore, you can check out 《銓少當家 Elson on the Road》 at my Official YouTube Channel. Click HERE. Most important, do subscribe to my Channel for more updated videos as at times I might forget to share to my Facebook page. :) Chinese New Year is coming, have you get ready to welcome this Horse Year?

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