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Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen Movie Review

Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen Genre: Action

Director: Lau Wai Keung

Cast : Shu Qi, Huang Bo, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong

RunTime: 1hr 50mins

Rating: NC 16

Movie Synopsis A continuation of the 1995 television series Fist of Fury, Donnie Yen reprises his role as Chen Zhen, a role made famous by Bruce Lee in "Fist Of Fury" (1972). The film is set seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. A mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

Movie Review If this was the first Donnie Yen movie I watched, I would love it ttm. However the sad thing was this is the 5th or 6th movie I watched. The happy part was it's still nice to watch him fight, but the sad part was also it's too similar to Ip Man's action directing. Even my cousin asked me today if I have caught the latest Ip Man movie. I prefer 龍虎門 and Ip Man 1 and 2 to this. But there are still a few cool moves inside which are pretty new and exciting. Still I felt there was no need to impersonate Bruce Lee at the end part of the movie. I would recommend it if you just want to have a good movie outing with some friends. Official Movie TrailerLink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO56WBQ3e50 Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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