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My new Book “Ella Koon. So It’s You”|我的新書'官恩娜.原來妳'|我的新书'官恩娜.原来妳'

My new book, “Ella Koon. So It’s You”, is going to be officially released on July 21st and available for sale at the Hong Kong Book Exhibition Guests Edition counter (hall 1, No. 1B-C32). Possessing one of my books will allow you to attend my autographing session that will be held on the 24th of July at 3pm in the Chancellor Room on the 4th floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center. Hope to see you there!Please come and support!


我的新書'官恩娜.原來妳'將於21/7在香港書展嘉出版counter(hall 1,

No.1B-C32)正式發售, 憑書更可出席24/7, 3pm於會展四樓大堂中庭君爵廳舉行之簽名會, 希望到時見到大家! 請大家多多支持!!


我的新书'官恩娜.原来妳'将于21/7在香港书展嘉出版counter(hall 1, No.1B-C32)正式发售, 凭书更可出席24/7, 3pm于会展四楼大堂中庭君爵厅举行之签名会, 希望到时见到大家! 请大家多多支持!!

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um excuse me Ella but could you translate??? i cant read characters.
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Good luck! You're so pretty.
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