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summer heights high...

Recently, my friend Ernest introduced this awesomely hilarious Australian comedy to us, and it's called " "...

We watched the first four episodes out of eight in the first season's specially-imported DVD, and already can't wait to get our hands on future seasons!

Written, produced, directed and starring the amazingly talented, award-winning, Chris Lilley, this show pokes a lot of fun at life in a fictional Aussie public school...

The main characters include a limp-wristed drama (queen) teacher Mr. G, a 12-year-old Polynesian troublemaking boy Jonah Takalua, and a 16-year-old popular private school girl Ja'mie King, who just got "downgraded" into this public school... who all just "happened" to look alike! ;-)

And after reading disjecta's entry on this show, I felt I should do my part as well, and share these videos available on Youtube to those who are not so um, privileged...

Just kidding! :P

Check these out...

Summer Heights High

( Click Here If You Can't See The Above Playlist)


Don't watch if you're easily offended, close-minded, or too young for such stuff...


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