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Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011!!!

Hey hey, Livejournal folks, it's been a long time! :)

I've been active elsewhere like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc these days, and have been seriously neglecting my blogs. But since this is the last day of the year, I suppose what better moment to come back and say Hi, and to give myself a rough summary record of the goings-on throughout this past year?

So, here's a quick list of things I am truly grateful for this year (in no particular order): * Joining the Urban Sketchers Singapore group and getting to know a whole bunch of talented artists, and sketching at different locations with them once (or twice) a month. They inspire me SO MUCH it's immeasurable, and I could even see improvement in my own random drawings! Kudos to them! * Getting myself a Canon 550D DSLR camera, and a Lomography Sprocket Rocket film camera, and losing myself in the fascinating worlds between these two photograph machines. * Travelling on a strict budget for 2 weeks around Taiwan (my first ever trip there) with my dear friend Clara, having huge misunderstandings and arguments along the way, but discovering that we much prefer having each others as friends instead. Speaking of friends, most of the lovely folks we met on this Taiwan trip truly made it a memorable one. * Postponing yet again my Japan trip to see sakura blossoms, but ended up at my absolute dream destinations instead: 2-week Greek Islands Hopping (with the Contiki group) and spending a few days at Istanbul on the way back. I have fallen deeply in love with Greece and would definitely return (maybe even retire there if possible!!)... * Having my first ever family trip with my siblings and nieces to Krabi, Thailand. It was short, but it was something we should definitely do more and sooner! * Visiting Pulau Ubin for the very first time in my life, on my 38th birthday no less, and taking videos and sketching there. I think I found a missing part of my soul on that trip... * Having hilariously fun roadtrips to Melaka and JB and Kota Tinggi Waterfalls with friends Eusri, Clara, Harry, Terry, William etc. * Creating a Facebook Public Page where I could post my work photos and videos and updates without cluttering my already overused Facebook profile wall. It's slowly taking shape, and I'm very pleasantly surprised to have 260 people liking it there already! Thank you folks!! * Landing more commercials, film and TV jobs, including print ads for Maybank Home Loan, Tiger Beer, Bedok Point Mall, and TVCs for The Laurels Condo, IDA's Next Gen Broadband, KFC Snackers, and corporate videos for Navy Open House, SMRT, TradeMentor (in Cantonese!!) etc. Also appeared in an SIA Inflight Video for Resorts World Sentosa, and getting a chance to visit the Universal Studios and hotels during the shoot. Some of these would only appear in 2011. * Being asked by The Reel Thing to assistant-direct two TV commercials for Subway Double Meat Italian BMT Sandwich, and receiving great feedback from it. * Getting intimate with actress Yeo Yann Yann in an NYU-Tisch student short film " Breakfast", and playing a stalkerish self-styled filmmaker-actor in Sean Cheong's short film " Diary". * Appearing in several Mediacorp Channel 8 shows like " Hong Bai Xi Shi", " Yong Chuang Qing Guan", " Mrs P.I." etc, and for Okto Channel's " The Specials" telemovie, as well as an educational video for MOE. * Participating in school assembly shows again, like " Zespri's Kiwi Magical Journey" and " Moneywise". * Last but not least, playing Santa Claus for City Square Mall's " Santa Bubbles Musical" show during the Christmas period. Phew! And who says freelancing is idling?? LOL 2011 will commence soon, and already in the works are another student short film " Allegiance" (tentative title), a Singtel corporate video shoot and an insurance ad shoot. Also to complete the remaining scenes for the MOE educational video. All that in the first two weeks on January! It's gonna be great, and the thought of my upcoming travels to Bangkok (Feb), Bali (May), Kuching (June) and hopefully Japan (December) is definitely a huge motivation. Gambatte ne!!!

Also, please do check out this rapid slideshow of events from this past year, based on photos I'd posted on my Facebook albums:

Edric's Facebook Pummelvision from Edricism on Vimeo. Have a great 2011 ahead, my friends!!! Cheers!!!

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