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das experiment - reviews and feedback...

A big thank you to some of you who came to support our stage production " Das Experiment: Black Box" on our opening night, and who'd bought tickets for the subsequent shows!!!

Despite some unexpected minor mishaps and technical flaws, everything went pretty well for our very first show, and we will keep on improving and doing our best...

Even the writer of the novel and movie, Mario Giordano , who specially flew in from Germany for the show, felt deeply moved by our stage adaptation and gave us great feedback during the debrief!

But the best response for  Mario and the director, Samantha , was seeing the audience cringe in their seats at certain key points throughout the increasingly intense performance...Das Experiment: Black Box - Cast and Crew A little "good show" gift I made for the whole cast and crew... Last but not least, this entry is for those who'd watched to give us your brutally honest and unbiased feedback and reviews!All comments will first be screened to avoid revealing too much details or spoilers for those who have yet to watch...


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hope you get great reviews!!
almost 12 years ago
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Thanks! We've had one really great review and an unflattering one so far, but cest la vie! It's a show that might unsettle some audience members and not everyone will leave it smiling... :P
almost 12 years ago


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