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complain, complain, complain...

Life in Singapore is really not too bad, but neither is it a bed of roses...

Without the anxieties of war or natural disasters, the common Singaporean is most concerned about " 柴米油盐酱醋茶" (everyday necessities)...

With the prices of everything going up except the most important thing: our wages, most Singaporeans have plenty to complain about...

But what do foreigners feel about it?

Here's one very passionate individual who has plenty to say about the rising costs...Phone Bills


Electronic Road Pricing



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haha.. they are right.. They should raise everyones wages if they raise the price of things, for how will your economy stand if the people can not afford the goods. We as Americans always complain moan and groan over everything. So, I am use to seeing everyone here belly ache over everything from cost of bread... to the cost of vacation prices... But most I hear from them is, they want to be able to enjoy their lives, not work so much so long and not being able to enjoy it while we are young. :)
almost 12 years ago
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Yeh, we bitch about inflation and our stagnant wages. Pretty soon, it'll be that we'll just be glad we even have a job....
almost 12 years ago
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*chuckling (with 0.5 tears in eye)
almost 12 years ago
Beds of roses still have thorns. Everything eventually evens out--though the process is never painless. Supply, demand...greed. Prices go up till no one buys anymore. People forced to re-prioritize the definition of "necessity."
almost 12 years ago


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