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Walk this way......

Photos from a couple days back - teaching this girl not to pull on walks.Took about 2 hours, dog learns to follow the tension of the leash and sit when the owner stops, and of course, not pull....  Shuda saw the owner's reaction when we stepped out of the residential complex... he was super surprised/delighted/ecstatic.... having his dog literally walk on one finger!Makes me really wanna get another dog... oh well. We'll see..Quick tip for all dog owners out there: cuz this is what happened to this dog... she had a tendency to pull left... some dog drag back or pull ahead etc, but she was a side puller. SOOOOO, she goes left, we go right. she follows. we praise. dog learns, being near u is wayyy more comfortable than not. Sounds easy enough right? Huh. Took the dog 10-15mins to understand.... Principle is simple, training ain't easy. Split second too early or too late, and the dog doesn't understand - best thing to do? Try, experiment, stay calm, stay patient. 

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