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Spicy Buns. Choc Fix.

Got back from training a little mini 2 month dog. Reminds me of my own dog, Friday.This is the second week, teaching basic obedience and not to bite on everyone's hands/jumping up.  The previous week, was to really get the dog socialised cuz he was going a bit mad at the door. So every time someone visits the house, we chuck food all over the floor...One week went by and the dog COMPLETELY changed. I love puppies. So easy to mould their minds. And, also managed to take away his possessiveness with toys. Ah, how i love puppies. Makes me really miss training dogs now. Then I bought myself a spicy 1RMB bun and almost died from spicyfication. Now I have a chocolate craving.Peace out. I'm out to the shops..... grrrrrrr

More pics from my recent trip to the States:  http://guaigougou.com.cn/en/protection.html click click click

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