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Pet shops

So this was another pet shop I walk into, and I introduce myself as the dog trainer.

They gave me a warmer welcome compared to the other previous visits I've had at other places.

They bring out their dog-aggressive doberman. In 5 mins it's walking by my side; so I ask them to bring another dog out - challenge number 2.  A few tricks of the trade and the doberman has full focus on me, sits down by my side and the pet owners/doberman owner watch in amazement.

They sent their dog out for a month to train - and in result they said it was no use. 

It's not the dog that needs the training, i say. 

Turns out they were looking for a good dog trainer - I hope they found the best.

Maybe we'll be working together in the future - we'll see. One step at a time.

Meanwhile - photos of a cooking show I did! More pics in the album! (Gotta love the apron!)

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