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Operation Sichuan Relief (OSR)

Operation Sichuan Relief (OSR) - a collaboration of the foreign community in Shanghai and the Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation.


As trainer, and as g3, and most of all - just a person in this one world - we should work together in ways towards greater things.

On Monday, I attended the Charity Dinner as an individual and as a sponsor.  It is great to see that on that evening people came together to: give.  The energy, the intention and the support was there - no matter how small the contribution - when everyone helps a little, the difference makes a lot.

I believe, as many others on the night mentioned, it is not about how bad things are - but it is more important on how we focus on making things better.

Each person can stand alone, and each person can walk through our lives as one - but when we put our hearts, our minds, and our hands together, then this is how the world should really work.


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