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Nice to Be BACK in Shanghai

So another Chapter ends, and another begins. Driving to the airport from San Fran, was kinda nice.... watching the sunrise at 6am across the Golden Gate Bridge. Kinda makes you appreciate the wonders of the world.however, v. glad to be back in Shanghai; feels more like home, and it will be for a good time coming. so, pics from the last day, learnt a lot from the 2 weeks from our teacher: Michael Ellis. A hugely talented trainer, handler and teacher. And, most of all the integrity of his approach and his natural ability in communication and dedication to his art.If you are ever in California, and want some serious dog training. Go see him.(Also briefly met OJ Knighten - a K9 Coach, movie dog trainer in LA - i think he was on an episode of Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer?)

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