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Michael Jackson dog


Ok. Dug up an old video of meh doggies in Shanghai.

Me taking them for a walk as usual - and knowing China - they decided to rebuild the park. Anyhoo, my dogs wondering wat da hell is going on and two other doggies digging up all the sand that the china builders put there... The two dogs digging belong to a factory nearby - the little one is the puppy of the mum. We called him Michael (Jackson) cuz he has a white paw - [don't ask me why]

My two dogs Yellow (the girly one running about) and Friday (getting sand kicked in his face)

Oh, and can't wait til Obama results + did anyone watch the Brazilian Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton final 2 corners!!!!! OMGG!?!?! ! Makes me wanna go go-karting....

Enjoy the vid.


Ok. So I'm probably the only one that find that video interesting - cuz they ARE my dogs :D

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That puppy has Vitiligo. Michael may have looked cute back then, but now he must be a mess!
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