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On a tight leashBy Shi Ying-ying (China Daily)

Updated: 2010-04-13 10:32

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2010-04/13/content_9722051.htmAlthough it was nice to be featured in this article, I'd thought I'd share some personal views on my perspective of the piece.  I'm not sure if the reporter mis-understood me, or just mis-interpreted some things I said.The Kennels also featured use methods that I do not agree with because it is based on an older style of training. This is why they do not accept puppies for training and only allow dogs above 6 months.  I personally believe there are better ways and more up-to-date methods to train dogs. In this case, I am only referring to pet dogs.With pet dogs and owners, 6 months is a very long time to wait. Training should start as soon as the dog arrives at your home.  Too often, people do the wrong things for too long, and many of which could have been avoided if they took the time to prepare properly.There will always be differences in this world, from knowledge to opinion, to experience.  I know several trainers who strongly believe the 'old 'Koehler' method' of dog training is much more reliable and therefore much better.On the other hand, there is a ever-increasing number of trainers using 'positive-motivational' methods to teach their dogs. In the past decade, the huge majority of the top competition dogs (World Champions etc etc.) are trained with 'motivational-methods'.To say I am purely positive however, would be incorrect.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to fully train a dog using PURELY positive methods. I believe there is a place for praise, and a place for correction.Dogs are also 'place-orientated'. That means if you train them in one place, they'll listen in one place e.g. in your house. Take them to the park and they may not listen.  Take them to a boarding kennel, and they may only know to listen at the kennel's facility.Of course, there are good kennel facilities who board and train dogs VERY WELL.  They would take the dogs to a variety of places adding varying distractions etc. etc. This is the reason that I personally train at my client's house. Because, the dog will be in 'those' situations, and 'those' environments most of the time. It is in THOSE situations that they need to listen.  And most importantly, a dog's behaviour is a result of it's owner.There's also a big 'myth' (almost) about being your dog's leader. Really? What does that mean? What do 'leaders' do?  The best definition I've heard is that: A good leader will be able to provide clear communication to it's followers on what to do and what not to do.So we just need to communicate to them clearly. Understand how their brain ticks, and use the language that they know.  It isn't about pushing them out of the way, or physically overpowering them, or going out the door first. My dogs never go out of their gate (even when it's open) but when we come back to the house, they run ahead.  It's habit, and it's a trained response.  Pulling on the leash doesn't mean your dog is 'dominant' - it just means you haven't trained your dog to walk on a leash. Leadership is about communication. If you don't want your dog to run out of the front door, a good leader will communicate that effectively to the dog.  No confusion. No fuss. Clear instructions. Clear boundaries and consistency in behaviour. That is what a true leader should be.About the article- One 'CAN' start training their dog with food from 8 weeks e.g. sit/down/come. Between 5 weeks and 8 weeks, 'training' could consist of environmental exposure and socialisation with humans, an NOT 'sit/down/come'.  - I don't use a clicker; but I use a system that is based from the foundation of the clicker training methods. Some call it 'Marker Training'. Other people just say 'using your voice'.Here is the cover story that was done on me/G3 Dogs, (in January 2010)

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ha. i'm fussy and i know it. I'm trying to change... Even if I wrote it myself I probably won't be happy with it. ah. such is life. Don't get me wrong, I like the article.
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