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K9 Training

Went to a dog trainer today - he breeds/trains German Shepherd puppies and Malinois.... he gave us a little demo - and the dogs were big and strong and impressive haha.

Although, I've seen my fair share of big dogs, it's good to see people who enjoy what they are doing and the dogs seem to be having fun too.

Not advertising for him, but you can see his vids on youtube or his website: www.k9ulf.com

He had this one GSD (germand shepherd dog with yellow eyes and blacky fur with hints of yellow - quite cool. A top working blood line!!!

Anyway, pic below courtesy of a good friend, Keith

Opening Day of a new grooming shop in Cambridge - from left to right - Indira (the doggy); me; manager; big cuddly doggie; girls from Q103 Radio; groomer.

Ulf Hesse and a GSD (yellow eyes!!!)

Such a cool dog!

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