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Barack Obama at 2008

 Wow. This guy is good. Very good.

I never followed US elections, I'm not American, but call it whatever you want, the president of the united states will have an affect on everything in the world.

I came to knowledge of obama only recently, and i am a very open-minded person (or so i hope to think so). So i researched on what there was on obama and mccain. There is 'a lot' of support for obama, but i 'gave a chance' to see what mccain has to offer. He (mccain) doesn't have much in terms of intelligent policy or reform.

If i was asked to choose who i would support, it's Obama.

Not only did he give one of the best speeches that i have heard (ever?) - it seems to me that he (and most importantly, his team) is the best choice we have for the job of the next president of the united states.

My brother had the honor to shake Bill Clinton's hand when he was in term, and it was 'world changing' to have bill clinton, hillary clinton and a many more millions to give their support for Obama.

I shake Obama's virtual hand, and I wish him all the best in November.

To watch his full speech at 2008:



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US president will effect the entire world, i never really thought of it that way i guess cuz i'm just thinking about america hehe i'm behind obama all the way :D course til he fucks up j/k
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