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George Carlin

eRumor... about this "wonderful message by George Carlin"A message said to have come from George Carlin on the occasion of his wife's death and his commentary on the nation after the Attack on America on September 11, 2001.  It has also circulated as having been written by a surviving student of the Columbine high school massacre in Colorado msthememsthemelist



msthememsthememsthemelistmsthemelistbulletmsthemeThe Truth

This has been circulating on the Internet for quite a while...long before September 11, and is not from George Carlin.  

        Those who know George Carlin's views would immediately know that the
        comments in "The Paradox of Our Time" do not match those
        of Carlin.

        On his website at www.georgecarlin.com he denies authorship and criticizes
        the piece.

        The rumor that these words were spoken on the occasion of the death
        of his wife are a recent addition to the eRumor, which began
        circulating about 1999.

There are many websites that quote from this now classic eRumor and

identify it as having been written by Jeff Dickson in 1998.

The original author, however, is minister, author, and former pastor of Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington.

        In a response to an inquiry by an anonymous web site, Dr. Moorehead said he wrote it
        in 1990.

        It was later published in 1995 in his book WORDS APTLY SPOKEN.(Our thanks to the Office of
        Communications of the Overlake Christian Church for his help on this story.)
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