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BLOG: 5月25日



Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival 2008


Thx Red support



晚上去了看這個L'Arc-en-Ciel . around 8:30pm - 10:20pm

氣氛比想像中好. 原來香港人看show都可以有這種投入度 .

hyde 說廣東話很有趣 . Stay away 也有驚喜. tetsu唱歌.

聲方面都ok 啦. bass 不太聽到都意料中事.

幾本上看了這麼年來的大band show. bass 普遍都聽得不太清楚.

就算muse 都一樣.

但整体很好的. 玩了很多老歌.At night i went to saw the L'Arc-en-Ciel . Around 8:30 pm - 10:20 pm.

Good atmosphere than expected.

hyde speak Cantonese very interesting. Stay away there are surprises. tetsu singing.

Sound are ok. Bass have not heard expected. 

I saw so few years of big band show. Bass generally do not hear clearly.

Even if the muse are the same.

But on the whole very good. Playing a lot of oldies songs. .



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