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Portrait of the Director as a Young Man

I've been under the weather lately with friends and family flying into Hong Kong and I, as a requisite, had been taking them out about the town.  Going out every other night definitely doesn't help the immune system.  I knew there was a reason I imposed a curfew on myself a couple of years ago! 

Three bits of news: My film is still in the casting process right now.  Its an arduous and fickle road and my hope is I get through it with a cast I can be proud of.

2nd news: the other projects are going well, the other producer I'm working with just sent me a book he optioned to read.  He's looking to have me and my writing partner adapt it into a feature.  The book doesn't read easily, but a structure may exist that would make for a compelling film.  Our second collaboration is going well, I should get a transcipt of the optioned film in a couple of weeks which would mean commencement of writing; I think I mentioned that I hope to get a final scrīpt 4-6 months after that.

3rd news: My videos are up!  The first project has yet to be released, but I was nominated for Best Director of a Documentary at the Asian Festival of First Films for that one.  A fun time and you'll recognize the featured artist, wink wink.  The second project was a TVC I did for producer Jacob Mense and his Aiya! production company (producers of MTV's Chiseen).  It's a quasi government ad for Suicide Prevention Services which was played throughout June/July I think in KMB buses and on terrestrial TV.  There's another commercial, but that one's too long to put up.

I'm looking to direct TVCs, music videos, and anything I can get my hands on so if you're a producer, ad executive, or such persons willing to hire a young gun with unique POV, please send me an email.


p.s. for those who aspire to write that Great (Non) American screenplay:


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congrats on the nomination! must be so exciting =)
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
haven't gotten the producers on the site yet. give us another few months...
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