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an avid music lover, drafus started djing in the hopes of spreading the music he loved to anyone that'd listen. a dj since 98, regular clubber since 88, and obsessive music consumer since 78, his wide influences in musical styles mean that his sets are never confined in any particular genre and can range from electro, rock, acid house, hip house, booty bass, and baile funk on any given night. his tastes aren't just confined to the dancefloor, as he can also switch it up with his love for jazz, soul, reggae, latin, brasilian, deep house, nu jazz and broken beats.

his uncompromising styles have caught on as he plays regularly at hk's top venues, dragon i, volar, kee club, as well as the most underground, such as yumla. he has monthly parties as one third of the dj trio known as the 'uptown rockers' who recently played at the ROCKIT festival, and as one half of the duo 'axes of evil'. he has also played various events including for nike, adidas, dmop, lane crawford, shanghai tang and dunhill among others.

Interesting facts about Drafus Chow

Languages Spoken english
Hometown NYC
Location Hong Kong
School central saint martins, school of art and design
Job DJ, club owner, graphic designer
Gender male
English Name Drafus Chow
Member Since January 10, 2008
Fans 238
Profile Views 82,403

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Drafus Chow


School central saint martins, school of art and design
Job DJ, club owner, graphic designer
Location Hong Kong
Gender male

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