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Drafus Chow

We made it to year one! Happy anniversary my love #imtheluckiest

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Who needs to bid when I got it all in the catalog? #nigo #bape #abathingape #sothebys #hk

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... And the letter P

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Today's show was brought to u by the letter E

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Miniflap happening now #clockenflap #PMQ come thru!

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Most enjoyable set I've heard in a while. Everyone does 90s but he did it right #leFto #flyhk #djfordjs

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Hangin with a dog... and Laika #Repost from @niyajaymee

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Repost from @soundsliketechno --- #Commision

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djmitsu right now #hk #salonnumber10 #quality

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Drafus Chow


Hometown NYC
Languages Spoken english
School central saint martins, school of art and design
Job DJ, club owner, graphic designer

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