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for the past year, people have been talkin about all these conspiracy theory stuff, all the illuminati, the aliens, the mayan calendar, the new world order and all.right. i believe some of it. and it doesnt concern u. its been getting outta hand since a long time ago already when its becoming a "cool" and "trendy" topic to talk about. cos a lot of u fools asking me for my opinions about whether my favourite rapper is in the illuminati, are fuckin stupid. in this generation where knowledge could be obtained effortlessly, everyone is entitled to believe what they wanna believe from whatever sources yall get it from. i ain't mad at that. i choose the sources which i feel are reliable and logical and then i design my mentality and perspective. everyone does the same too.so here it is. just a random,totally fictional prediction with no offense to anyone.2012 aint no end of the world, its gonna be a new era. parts of the world will be gone. as yall know, in laymen terms, all the astrological energy shit is causing the earth's core to react and therefore recently, we're faced with these natural disasters. the latest one is in Myanmar, hope the people there are fine. Japan, will be the modern day Atlantis and sink together with the Maldives. moreover, the war ends with a lot huge population of the world sacrificed to the violence of mankind.the sun gets closer to the earth, fucks up the energy and we lived in total darkness. however, by that time, Apple (an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronicscomputer software, and personal computers with a worldwide annual sales of $65.23 billion) will already have a new product that can guide us thru the crisis. this brand has been the most valuable technology company in the world since May 2010. by the time the modern day dark ages hit, steve jobs would've been cured from his illness and runs the world with his brand. his product will act as a chip to define everyone's identity and make everyone rock UNIQLO gear.Originally a division of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., on November 1, 2005, Uniqlo Co., Ltd. was born of corporate restructuring, and now exists as a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Fast Retailing, which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. it will the only remaining product of japan.the survivors on earth will have a different mentality compared to the people of today. they would go back to the roots, connect with the earth's environment, wear UNIQLO clothes and carry an Apple product. the most important thing, is that mankind learn to love again.thats it. damn im pretty lame, just kinda tired and i dont feel like sleepin yet, so yeah i decide to imagine things.peace 

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