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where should i start.  another one of those emo late night blogs that im doing and hoping no one reads. i've had quite a few awkward experiences when people tell me stuff like "yo so i read your blog about how u and your girl blaa blaaa.."so yeah. im focused. on making music. as usual, for the past 2-3 years, i need to keep myself contented with making beats and all. been sitting here the whole day but i cant do my homework. i owe the school a lot a lot of homework. a lot of essays to write. i just cant seem to concentrate. i dont wanna get kicked out of school (as im supposed to get a degree) but i also dont mind getting kicked out (might as well, it ain't my first time). don't know what i can do if i graduate or if i don't graduate. music is nice but i doubt it's enough for surviving.how come i dream about high school every week? i dont wanna go to sleep and see those familiar faces in my dreams. it's really fuckin up my brain, making me go all emotional missing those good old days.i just gotta channel all of these shits into the new music we're doing. Mr TAK's album, 85Crew's album and all.can't believe its been half a year since we started on the Jin album. finished it real fast. im anticipating people's reaction to hearing the album.

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