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ok i dont have the link yet.. but me and KZ went on jessica's show on 903 to promote KZ's album 九十年代曲 (coming real soon!) sorry to keep yall waiting!  we did a half hour interview and basically talked about how the concept of this album developed and how the production went. not exactly too used to radio interviews but i think i did fine. my mother heard it and said we sounded good hahaa.but eff it. on the other hand, i screwed up in my school admission interview. this schooling process is like a never ending cycle. just a bunch of random bullshit for u to take. this is some crap that i never accepted and still rejects. im a customer, i pay a lot to get educated, u can't challenge me. i pay the dude in the shop for these big plastic glasses, dude cant tell me that it doesnt match me and pull it off my face..anyways, i remember going to cheung chau with u after some school test or interview last year. we really talked a lot in that short holiday. fast forward to today, it's so different.. damn..whatever.. enough of all the emo shit. upcoming 85up2 shows. the alivenotdead show for music matters and the tom lee show at the end of this month!also, look out for 九十年代曲!!!doughboypeace

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