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sup yall. been doing less than alright in school. always fallin asleep. gotta step up my school game and hustle a bit. music-wise. been mixing kz's album with some help from ghoststyle. gotta thank u man. (and thanks for the pink holga camera too) 85up2 mixtapes are out of stock but eff it we're moving on.going through drastic changes within the crew. puttin up www.85up2.com, gonna release some online mixtapes through the site. dennis zee's canto-classics mixtape, maybe some instrumental projects, and probably a video for our new song "85crew".amidst all the chaos from the hectic schedules while jugglin school and music, DoughBoy lives at his own fuckin pace. i've been refining my sound and the results are some crazy ass beats. i also had the time to go to lamma island with eva just now to have a nice meal.and yeah i took a picture of my mom when i got home just now. its for some school homework.people always thinks she's my sister or somethin. one dude even tried askin for her number. yo come on man both my parents are really really old...peace yall! posers start acting like yall know.

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