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DJ Iron Chef

Classically trained on the violin since the tender age of four, Jason Johnson Yeh, a.k.a. DJ Iron Chef, started performing for the masses at age six and went on to play the violin for 16 years. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Iron Chef owes his musical ear to his childhood violin teacher, Master Fu (critically acclaimed, renowned violinist from Shanghai) and his involvement in the competitive “Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra”, one of the premiere American youth orchestras, providing the highest level of pre-professional orchestral training for young musicians. Deeply rooted in music his whole life, Iron Chef has had the innate ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of any instrument he picked up, including the piano, the guitar, the drums and finally the turntables.

In July of 2006, Iron Chef embarked on his DJ training at Los Angeles’ DJ Scratch Academy (www.scratch.com) – a DJ school, founded in 2002 by the late, Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell), the legendary DJ from Run-DMC. In no time, Iron Chef was whipping, mixing and “cooking up the freshest beats”. He thanks his instructors here, “I am so grateful and lucky to have learned from the best DJs in the world, I really owe it to my teachers, who are not only cooking up the club scenes and TV and radio waves, but also making an impact on the community by teaching what they know best. It would have taken me at least 5 years to get to where I’m at now, if I were to have learned how to dj by myself”, says Iron Chef.

After relocating to Hong Kong in January 2007, Iron Chef’s dj’ing career took off, starting off with Buddha Lounge in Soho (23 Hollywood Rd.). He spun an eclectic mix of RnB, Hip-hop, Rock, Old-school, Disco and House, every Tuesday night ("Ladies Night"), from about 10pm-4am. He explains his experience with Buddha Lounge: “I really owe my experience of dj’ing in HK to Pawan (owner of Buddha Lounge), it was really at Buddha Lounge, that I had the creative freedom to weave through multiple genres of music in one night, as well as spin in an intimate setting – it was really the interaction with the customers and bar staff, and getting their immediate approval that made the experience so special, but man there were some pretty wild parties, the place was often packed like sardines, and it seemed like the later it got, the larger the crowd, and often times, I would be spinning into the wee hours of the morning sunrise just to keep the dance-floor moving.”

Known for his mish-mash style and smooth transitions, Iron Chef has also spun for M1NT, Club No. 9, Club Sugar, Zaza, corporate parties and now spins regularly at CLIQ.


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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin, korean, hokkien
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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin, korean, hokkien
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Hong Kong
Member Since
January 14, 2009