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NOW HERE >> NOWHERE a story about my paintings

Recently I met one photographer who told me that he's promoting NOW stuff that he did 20 years AGO. He did so much that probably for the rest of his life he will promote his past. What's the lesson from it ? When creating I need to allow myself time to explain to others, to exhibit, look and learn. What I'm doing?I started to paint on pictures because I don't see any necessity nowadays to paint the reality since I have photography. Hiperrealism was for me a last tentative to confront painting to photography. I don't see also the reason for painting to look like computer design - just have a walk in Wyndham St. and think about that. What's the point to compete with the computer ? I'm interested in  NOW. How peoples live, and what kind of image it represent. I like the idea that the way we work, laptops, phones etc. will look in a completely different way in 20 years.  Photography represent for me the real, digital and perfect. Painting it's a story about  body, physicality and dirt. Compare to the machines we are so imprecise but this lack of precision bring poetry and metaphor. My paintings are metaphors about the NOW >>> NOW HERE >> NOWHERE

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