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interviewed by HIP Hong KOng

I copy the interview that I had with Hip Hong Kong about the exhibition that just started last Tursday in Philia Lounge 4 Arbuthnot Rd Central ENJOY AND COME TO SEE IT REALLL!****For his new exhibition "Giraffes in the City" artist XYZ is taking his real name, Olgierd, and signing a series of paintings representing giraffes overlayed with the pattern of the city. Gloria Yu asks Olgierd some questions before the opening of his new exhibit at Philia this Thursday.

HHK: You recently collborated with Hiphongkong and did a live performance on the streets painting a white dress while the creator of this site, Liza, was wearing it how did the idea come about?

Olgierd: Recently I was painting few works directly in the street using photography or transparent plexiglass as background.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDtS0I0Gpbs

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj7QYizneqk

I met Liza at an artist's meet-up called 'Speak-up' and she told me about the live art performance and asked me would I like to be the artist to paint her dress. Having Liza in a nice white dress as my canvas-something that popped up immediately in my head was "DO IT!" At the end of the day running after skirts is always a lot of fun.

HHK: About your coming exhibition on Thursday- Why are you using your real name this time?

Olgierd: I didn't wanted to sign the giraffes with XYZ because they don't match with this concept. Some other names from previous projects also didn't match. On my 30 birthday, 2 weeks ago, it occured to me that for most of my life I've been using fake names. Even when I'was presenting myself it was as Olo, Olaf, Ogi, Ogui, Oli depending on the country where I was in. I told myself as Obama - CHANGE, and Voila- we have OLGIERD - my real name.

HHK: You use a lot of bright colors in your pieces-

Olgierd: I'm rather a positive person...but it's a good point, I will try to paint something more morbid soon. I would say that I'm recently more yellow and red - yellow is such a dreamy color and red, red represent to me blood and reality.

HHK : You also play a lot along the theme of city and nature I mean with giraffes among skyscrapers and all. Is that related to where you come from or are you generally intrigued by the contrast?

Olgierd: Generally I'm intrigued by contrast - 10 points for you! This is a global statement and in details I thought one day that the city is a zoo for humans and it's how the idea started. The giraffes represent the nature, that's obvious, and they come to this geometrical jungle called city to take few snapshots. There are no humans in the paintings but the story is about humans as fusion between the animal and the city pattern.


How's it going with the preparation for the exhibition? Are you pumped for the opening? Excited? Nervous?

Olgierd: I'm as calm as a bomb.So I was calm as a bomb even on Thursday, opening day. I will publish some photos from the opening party  really soon. Follow UP UP !   By the way if you want to receive a catalogue from the exhibition write me on o@dimmsumm.com and I will be happy to send it to you. 

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