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Fistful of Blood/announcment on Kevin Eastmans blog

Friday, October 31, 2008Hey All, 

Happy Friday—hope you had a great week! 

Seen any good champagne commercials lately? Heh. 

Go vote on Tuesday—that’s all I’m going to say about it. 

It’s been exceptionally busy here this week, trying to nail down the final deal points for the HM film—we’re possibly moving once again to another Studio—which is a good thing, especially since Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) has officially agreed to direct one of the eight segments , as well as Gore Verbinski (Pirates) and of course my hero David Fincher! We have a few others that have thrown their hats into the ring, but I’m going to make you all wait a week or so to let you know who, as we’re wrapping up those deals at the moment. 

On other fronts, I’ve been working with my buddy “Digger” (former Art Asylum founder/owner) on putting together a deal to direct “Fistful of Blood” as a live action feature film! He’s put together a crew in Hong Kong, and my Asian agents, JEA, have been helping pull together funding through their Korean contacts—it looks like it could be a co-production, filmed in HK or Korea. Will keep you posted as it develops—I’ve had to give up the hope of directing it myself as I don’t want to miss a second of work on the new HM film. 

BUT, I am still finding a little time for drawing—I’ll fill you in more on the progress with my “White Ronin Blues” (five years in the making so far) project—something I’m writing and drawing myself, and hoping to get out next year in time for the 25th Anniversary of the TMNT’s. Kind of my little tip of the hat to the boys. It’s 250 pages and counting at the moment—looking forward to seeing where it finally ends up. 

Another project I’ve had kicking around for a while is “Lost Angeles.” An idea I created with Simon many, many years ago—developed further with Joe Pearson and Jeff Conner, and is pretty much ready to roll out as a comic/film project. Although it had been optioned as a film a few times, nothing came of it and was also nearly greenlit as a comic series co-production with IDW earlier this year—Ted Adams was ready to pull the trigger (which included Simon Bisley covers and Ben Templesmith interior art) but his bosses shot it down at the last minute. No worries, Simon and I got to work out the finished covers, four done so far (below are my concepts/layouts for each and Simon’s finished beauties) and the last two are in the works. Will show you those when they’re done in a few weeks, and I’ll find a way to get the comic done myself through HM later next year. Will show all the development as it comes in.Cover #1 - Click to enlarge      Cover #2 - Click to enlarge      Cover #3 - Click to enlarge      Cover #4 - Click to enlarge      Okay, with that I’m going to scoot along for this week, trying to clear the decks of some other paperwork so I can hit the message boards tonight after some trick or treating with the kids. Have a great Halloween, and even better weekend. 

Best, Kevin

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dude ... that's awesome! !!! !!!
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