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SGX StockWhiz Roadshow @ Raffles Place with Joanne Peh – 22nd Aug 2012

SGX StockWhix Roadshow 2012 with Joanne Peh @ Raffles Place

SGX StockWhiz Roadshow 2012 with Joanne Peh @ Raffles Place

I had the pleasure of co-hosting Singapore Exchange’s recent Roadshow at Raffles Place with Joanne Peh.  It was a great event showcasing SGX’s StockWhiz platform enabling newbies to experience investing in stocks and Exchange Traded Funds on the Singapore Exchange with no risk using virtual money.  Along with My Gateway, Singapore Exchange’s portal to the latest investment market news and investment tools, StockWhiz provides a great entry point to those looking to make their money work for them.

And as you can see from the photos, Joanne and I had great fun with the audience discussing some basic myths and truths about investing on the Singapore Exchange!  Looking forward to the next time I get the chance to Co-host with Joanne!

Thanks to SGX & Lumaxis for the opportunity and Ray from Phototeam for the photos.

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 1

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 2

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 3

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 4

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 5

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 6

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 7

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 8

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 9

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 10

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 11

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 12

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 13

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 14

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 15

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 16

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 17

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 18

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 19

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 20

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 21

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 22

SGX StockWhix Roadshow 2012 with Joanne Peh @ Raffles Place

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 24

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 25

SGX-StockWhiz-2012 26

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