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Earth Hour 20 Feb 2012 Media Event @ Sky Ion Singapore with Power 98FM

More Photos – on  Derrick Siu’s Facebook Page here

I was very excited to have the opportunity to do some work for a greater cause this morning as a Power98 DJ and host the Earth Hour 2012 Media Event to officially announce the big news that Earth Hour Global is relocating to Singapore from Sydney!! Woohoo!!

I remember being a part of the Earth Hour in Sydney not too long ago, walking on Manly Beach and feeling a great sense of community as hundreds of people gathered in the darkness with candles,  fire starter demonstrations on the beach and a great band playing.  It definitely had that wonderful feeling of the old camp days of my teenage years.

So it is with great joy to find out how successful this campaign has become starting from its humble beginnings in Sydney and now after just 6 years, spreading its message to 1.8 Billion people, 135 countries and territories spanning 7 Continents! Amazing!

More Photos – on  Derrick Siu’s Facebook Page here

It was an honour to host the Event and meet many of the people that are driving the message of protecting our planet, People like the Co-founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour Global – Andy Ridley, Elaine Tan – World Wide Fund for Nature, Singapore CEO, Suds – The Marketing and Communications Director at WWF International, Nadya Hutagalung - The OfficialWWF Singapore Earth Hour Ambassador and all the other people who work so hard behind the scenes to make it all happen.

More Photos – on  Derrick Siu’s Facebook Page here

But what is most exciting is what will be happening on the day of the event – March 31st – the mobilization of what will be the first and biggest 60+ Singapore human formation with 3000 ambassadors.  But what is even more important and exciting is the new I Will If you Will Campaign to promote beyond the hour.

More Photos – on  Derrick Siu’s Facebook Page here

When I heard that Andy Ridley was putting out the challenge of Swimming with the Sharks if 10,000 people made a pledge on the Earth Hour I will If You Will Platform during the event, I made a friendly counter pledge – That I would also swim with the sharks with Andy if an additional 1 person made a pledge – which I amended ever so slightly after Nadya made her speech looking to up the ante jokingly  saying I would only swim with the sharks as long as she would join in as well:)).

So we ended up recording a new official pledge between the 3 of us! Andy stuck to his original plan of 10,000 pledges, I just added an additional 1 pledge to Andys, and Nadya added an entirely new challenge – if 10,000 people gave up using plastic straws and bags she would join us! – Watch out for that Video Pledge and We challenge you to take up the challenge and make your own pledges!!

More Photos – on Derrick Siu’s Page here

Earth Hour 2012 – A Movement that Unites People to Protect Our Planet!

What would you do to save the Planet?

Check out Earthhour here

Check out the I Will If You Will Challenge on Youtube Here

Check out what you can do to Protect our Planet here

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