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Singapore Taxis

Now we all know Singapore is a 'fine city' -No chewing gum, no peeing in lifts, no durians on trains, no smoking in public areas, no eating and drinking in taxis and buses, no loitering, no spitting, no jaywalking, and the list goes on for no no no's on the island....the no signs are everywhere and I have to say we have the funniest ones in the world..

Including our lovely cabbies...this mighty fine taxi driver felt he needed to take our excessive laws into his own hands and created a special laminated DIY no sign of for h...Read more

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Today was such a beautifulday in Singapore! I had the honor in hosting the SPORE regional press conference at the Singapore Zoo today. Not my usual work venue at all, but it was totally awesome. There is something about the Singapore Zoo that is so therapeutic and so wonderful, I don't think there is any other zoo like this one in Asia.

To welcome all gamers, EA placed Spore creatures all over the zoo, includingthe outdoor toilets (it was a Monster's Inc door moment for me!). Overall, it was a delight meeting the Spore God himsel...Read more

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I've been at the airport sinceforever,waiting for the bloody typhoon to shooooooo!!

I'm feeling like this little pink gloomy right now..


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My highlight of the MTV ASIA AWARDS?

Doing the Super Junior hands off backstage...

Okay, what's the big deal holding up your hand and yelling a Korean hikoo?!?

My fascination with Super Junior started when I hosted the 1st MAA roadshow in Singapore and I had a crazy group of girls, who kept screaming incessantly in my direction. At first, I thought: Wow, they're such cute an...Read more

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It's been crazy hectic in Malaysia as we get ready to roll the red carpet on the hills of Genting, Malaysia! The temperature is awesome and the fogging fog is everywhere, but alas, we are here and ready to make some sweet music for Asia and salute the nominated ones.

Karen Mok, Stephanie Sun, Electrico, Pussycat Dolls, Click 5, Panic at the Disco, Jabbawockeez, One Republic, Show Lo, Leo Ku, Super Junior, The scrīpt, Leona Lewis, Pop Shuvit, Ahli Faqir and Jared Let...Read more

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It can't get anymore priceless than this...

I've been called many things in my life...

Most people don't speak French and I would never expect them to pronounce Duuhneeese properly. I've been called 'Dennis' as in a boy's name (all my life), most Chinese people pronounce it a 'Deeneese" and lastly my favorite of them all 'Dahneese'. The list of variation continues as I get older... And that's just my FIRST name.

Keller is such a German name, it doesn't get anymore Deutsch than that. And ag...Read more

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MY Priceless Moments

Mastercard Luxury Week Hongkong 2008 is happening soon and we're all getting ready to lux up some hawt designers. Tres fantastic!

But before thaaaaat, I want to share with you some of my priceless moments whilst filming the Priceless commercial. It was probably the most fun I've ever had whilst shooting on a job.

So let us begin with Day 1, with a 430am wake-up call. Ouch! W...Read more

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Meet Rocko...

We're going to live in Brooklyn one day.

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Give it up for Jayson Brunsdon!

FASHION UPDATE: New fab store opened in Singapore!! Jayson Brunsdon is a tres, tres chic designer who comes from downunder and has roped women all around the world into his boudoir of fantasy. Jayson is undeniably one of the most successful aussie designers- Girls, if you ever need a cocktail dress for the night, he's definitely a stellar night out. Read more

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That Rooster is Roast

Rooster Update! The sneaky lil bastard snuck by my back door.

He's sooooo Chicken Tonight, very very very soon...

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