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In the spirit of the moo moo year...

I decided to try my hand at lion dancing. dum dum chia! Only problem is I couldn't carry the head by myself, let alone blink his furry eye lids!Bad kitty...Thank gawd they didn't ask me to try out for the butt position. 

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Bat Shit Rules

Wanna know what I've been up to? Check this out:kayaking into a bat cave and jumping into the ocean! Ha, as if![](/attachments/2009/01/44938_200901212357111.thumb.jpg)I was crawling down that rock like a motherducker...all covered in bat shit...mmmmmh.Mcgyver, eat your heart out.

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Where did I go?

Hello everyone:) Indeed, where did i go? Well, my last blog was about flitzing back to Singapore to welcome some of the members of Motley Crue at Changi Airport. You know, the usual meet-and-greet the band at the airport and throw a ring of pink orchids over their necks, signing a poster for Changi's Hall of fame hulahoop kind of thing. The band members were coming from different cities, so it was split between 2 days at the airport and I was hired to do a big tapdance announcement on the second day for none other than Tommy Lee. See if y...Read more

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Diesel Beijing - XXX - Dirty 30

Heya folks,

Just got back from Beijing for the Diesel's 30th anniversary and it was bloody great! Great weather, fun people, cool artists and electrifying music.

Here's my lowdown:

During the day before the party...

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Vroomed, vroomed and I'm pooped...

Hello everyone!

Yes, I've been hiding under a rock, trying to fix my voice and left ear drum. As you probably already know, I had the honor in hosting the first nightrace in Singapore for Formula Un (pls say in French accent. -it gives more oomph to the mojo).

I tried my very best in keeping it cool as this was by far one of my most challenging jobs ever; I think the hardest bit for me was filtering out voices in my head with car vrooms vrooms and whatever additional noise existed everyday for 3 days...Read more

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The rockstars were out in full force and it was probably the coolest geek convention I've been to in a long time. Shame I had to host the event, or probably a good thing, cos I would have been totally distracted. I say get rockband and the tools but don't forget to dress up like these rockers! I guess having pyro fun at home is not a good idea. This is an alternative way of looking hot.Read more

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Pedal to the Metal


2008 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Night circuit looks sick! Gonna get some pedal to the metal action as I gear up with all international and local commentators for the race of the year.

There is something so amazing about this circuit, I can't quite describe it that well-you really have to be here to see it for yourself. Tix aren't cheap and most have been sold, so if you're nutso about F1, you wouldn't want to miss out your chance to play nightrider. May the power be in your Vroom.

Also, CA...Read more

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Mastercard Luxury Week came and went!

Hello one and all,

I'm so happy we made it! 5 days of non stop fashionshows back to back, and I'm totally luxed out. The fashionistas and glamorzons were out in full force and I conducted 12 backstage tours to the world. As Kimora would say: FABULOSITY rocked the town!

So to close the show, I want to share my favorite riceless moments with you and hope you like Dense, or Danisi, or Dennis' journal. or whatever you feel like calling me...

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New Me

Hey folks,

Back in the space and ready to roll out the shoe trunks to HK. It's been mad busy these past few days but all in a good day's work...Not sure if my mug is up yet but I've been told I've been spotted on a tram. Yey! A tram with my mug!! The Mastercard Luxury Week is happening and the models are ready to lux up the catwalk for 5 days at the Four Season's Hotel. I just hope I don't get another 'Dense Kenner' moment at the airport.

In the mean time here's a preview of the new 'me'

...Read more
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If you guys are Olympics mad, boy do I have a piece of work for you.

I'm proud to announce a Singaporean filmmaker, Lian Pek and one of the most talented brainchild's of our time, Vikram Channa (EP), have executed a comedy-docu nobody has ever been able to capture of China. It will make you laugh hysterically, and it will make you weep like an ignorant empathetic loser. It has only been released in Singapore so far, but when it does travel, pls support this gem of art. It has been pegged to beat Fahrenheit 911 in Singapore ...Read more

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