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The Singaporean Mushroom Pizza Story

Now that's bloody original...

Let me explain how I stumbled on this glorious machine, called the Hotbake. I really thought I had seen pretty much every single vending machine to date after living in Tokyo, but this, however is quite an ad. I found this machine in a hospital in Singapore after having quite a dramatic tumble and found no light waiting for my turn with the sick and injured. Then I saw this lady happily dropping her dollar coins into this ginenormous yellow box and walked away chowing down what looked like a spaceship. AND it was a spaceship, sandwich...

I'm just a bit confused-it's the "Singaporean Mushroom Pizza Story" but it comes in the shape of a sandwich. Okay, it must have been a small typo...BUT, when you have the variety...

...at the Pharmacy, I'm not quite sure it's pizza anymore...

Let us not forget that it uses a) fresh ingredients (stored in machine in the hospital, b) made in Singapore (very clean..sure) and c) delivered daily...(I hope so).

Yes, the amusing things you find in the hospitals in Singapore....very uplifting and very funny mushroom pizza stories from Singapore..oh and it's halal too..


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