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Thank you for all your questions about the blue bins in Singapore - loving the interest! ❤️

To answer and clarify! ♻️ Recyclables that go in the blue bin :

Glass Bottles/Containers * Plastic Bottles/Containers * Metal Cans* Tetra packs* Milk cartons* *All need to be rinsed and dried

Newspapers, Magazines, Cardboard, Egg trays - flatten & neatly strung

Things that DON’T go in the blue bins:

General Trash!!! (No foods, no liquids!)

Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Toys, Mirrors, Diapers, Animal Products, Furniture, Electronics and anything that is not mentioned on the blue bin!

Merry Green Christmas ? Recycle Right ♻️ during the holidays ❤️

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)

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