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Anyone Seen My Bottega's?

Wake & Bake!

I've finally made it to my 1st blog entry. Woohoo. Please clap...

This is truly an accomplishment as I'm a total computer retard-some may have seen the preliminary stages of my alivenotdead site where I constructed an empty shell under the name of my favorite penguin, rockhopper. Yeah, I guess that explains it all: I'm not blog-savvy, nothing to clap about BUT I have other hidden talents like speedtyping on crackberry's and talking with my hands in front of cameras (amongst other specialties, of course).

So here I am, between 2 cities, HK and Singapore. I work in 2 industries, music and fashion and I have 2 hilarious cats that keep me sane.

Et voila-that's my story...

Am I blogfamous now?  

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